Biobank Lab of the Department of Molecular Biophysics, University of Lodz was established in 2014, as a result of the TESTOPLEK project. Biobank Laboratory is appointed with modern equipment, and supported by highly trained scientific and technical personnel (see Biobank Staff). This provided the opportunity to offer our knowledge to various scientific partners. The laboratory is composed of two main complexes:

CORE LAB - (Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Building A, 5th floor, Banacha street, 12/16, 90-237 Lodz) - principal place of preparation of biological material for biobanking (e. g. blood fractionation, isolation of nucleic acids), place of storage of biological material (e. g. - 80 ° C, -25 ° C, 40C), conducting mass genetic assays (e. g. the study of polymorphisms, gene expression (Q-PCR) and quantitative assessments of selected parameters of deposited biological material (e. g. evaluation of DNA concentration by fluorimetric methods).

BIG DATA LAB - (Building of the Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Ground floor, Pilarskiego street 14, 90-237 Lodz) - the spare / emergency storage location of biological material (e. g. -80 ° C, -25 ° C, 40C), biological material storage location (at + 20 ° C), automated microarrays analysis laboratory (e. g. SNP, gene microarrays expressions, analysis of the methylation status), laboratory analysis using the NGS technology (next generation sequencing). Additionally, here all bioinformatics analyzes are carried out using widely available and commercial software (gPLINK, Haploview, UGENE, CLC Workbench, CodonCodeAligner, STATISTICA®, etc.).


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