POPULOUS - (full named POPUlation - LOdz UniverSity Biobank) registered since 2013 in the BBMRI catalog of the population collection (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure).
The research program of TESTOPLEK project was a factor to rise the Biobank ivention. One of the tasks of this project ("Role of multidrug transporters in pharmacokinetics and toxicology - in vitro tests in pharmaceutical and clinical practice") was to evaluate the variability of transporter genes also involved in the effective disposal of used drugs with target cells. Recruitment was a large group of volunteers from Polish area. It was agreed that the set will represent the Poles taking into account typical for our country stratification of the population (in terms of gender, age, place of residence and education). The method of choice was a recruit volunteers utilizing companies providing services of public opinion research. In 2009, at the tender had been created SMG / KRC Millward Brown today, which was responsible for the realization of this project. Several hundred workers were responsible for obtaining the material from more than 10,000 adult Poles. After agreeing to participate in the study, each proband fills an extensive questionnaire and indulged a saliva sample. All the acquired material was submitted to the Department of Molecular Biophysics, University of Lodz, a collection of personal data obtained was submitted to GIODO, until now is used in a number of scientific research.


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