The team of the Biobank Lab published paper about genetic background of obesity and overweight in Polish population. Article is published in OPEN ACCESS mode in PLoS ONE. Enjoy the lecture.

Genetic association of FTO/IRX region with obesity and overweight in the Polish population


The Biobank Lab in cooperation with Warsaw University have published paper about genomes of Mycobacterium kansasii clinical strains. Article is published in OPEN ACCES mode on the Genome Announcements Journal. Enjoy the lecture.

Draft Genome Sequences of Mycobacterium kansasii Clinical Strains.


Biobank Lab in cooperation with Department of Anthropology (both - University of Lodz) have developed new model for hair colour prediction in polish population. Obtained results were patented. The part of used results are presented in paper which is published in HOMO - Journal of Comparative Biology (IF=0,579). Enjoy your lecture.


"Association of five SNPs with human hair colour in the Polish population."

Laboratory of Transcriptional Regulation(PAS, Lodz) in cooperation with Biobank Lab (University of Lodz) published new paper about detection of polymorphisms in promoter region of RORγT gene and its functional consequences. Paper is published in Genes (IF=3,242). Enjoy your lecture.


"Functional Analysis of the rs774872314, rs116171003, rs200231898 and rs201107751 Polymorphisms in the Human RORγT Gene Promoter Region"

Biobank Lab (University of Lodz) in cooperation with Consortium have published plan of National Biobanking Network in Poland. paper is available on Biopreservation and Biobanking Journal (IF=1,804). Enjoy your reading.


"Organization of The Polish Biobanking Network"


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